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Cell C has will invest R427-million into its Western Cape infrastructure between June and December this year.
“Cell C has had ongoing capacity upgrades and new infrastructure rollouts across the region, which kicked off in earnest in June this year,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos.
Cell C’s Radio Access Network (RAN) upgrade project is already underway in the Western Cape and will see sites in the area upgraded and modernised by the end of November, in time for the festive season. This project has been completed in Gauteng and in Mpumalanga with excellent results reported by Cell C customers. The aim of this project is to increase stability and capacity on all the sites where new equipment is installed.
Alongside this project, Cell C will continue the rollout of additional 3G and LTE sites across the province, increasing both capacity and coverage for its Western Cape users.
“While we had only expected to begin LTE rollout in this region from 2016, the successful and timeous rollout of the service in Gauteng has meant that we can push our rollout in the Western Cape forward,” says Dos Santos.
Cell C will have rolled out about 200 LTE sites in the Western Cape by the end of November this year.
The new site rollout for both 3G and LTE will continue into 2016, and will be coupled with a project to decrease the effects of radio interference that has become common in the Cape. This will create massive quality improvements on our network in the area.
Around 80% of existing and new 3G sites in the Western Cape will also be enabled for Dual Carrier, which allows sites to use more than one band of spectrum, increasing the bandwidth highway for customers. This project is aimed at our Western Cape customers looking for increased speeds.
“Cell C has worked hard to ensure that customers from across the country receive the best possible quality of service on our network and we are pleased to be able to move extremely quickly on these projects for the Western Cape. With a total investment of R427-million for the last six months of the year, Western Cape customers can be assured of a phenomenal experience,” says Dos Santos.