SAP has announced future integrated digital enterprise technologies that are intended to transform the relationships companies have with their customers.
SAP plans to unleash a powerful portfolio of SAP hybris tools that are envisioned to enable in-the-moment customer profiling, digital commerce and community development, empowering an organisation’s front office to stay connected with the frequently shifting needs of its customers and prospects and enabling companies to go beyond customer relationship management (CRM) into a new era of digital connectedness, customer service and support.
“Companies can no longer rely on the costly, siloed systems of yesterday to engage with their customers, who are savvy, multidevice digital natives. They want their needs understood and met — right now and every time,” says Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. “Legacy cloud-based CRM technologies create business complexity because their foundations predate the rise of social media and mobility. Companies today need innovative, integrated solutions that simplify the front office, making them easy to do business with and fostering greater customer engagement.”
In today’s digital world, businesses need to connect the front office and back office in real time — linking people, inventory, supply chain, pricing and customers together. This means that the new front office must go beyond the traditional marketing, sales and service automation functions and include integrated, real-time personalization, Web and mobile commerce, social customer service and more. Planned tools from SAP are envisioned to simplify the front office, helping businesses get a single, contextual view of their customers while giving each customer a consistent, personalized experience across all channels.
The planned SAP hybris Profile solution is intended to serve as the customer-centric foundation of the system, capturing all interactions, contexts and behaviors to create a continually evolving and dynamic profile of the customer. With these insights, the system is envisioned to surface actions for real-time, one-to-one engagement with every customer across all touchpoints.
Specifically, SAP hybris Profile is planned to:
* Create a real-time dynamic profile of customers;
* Capture customer interactions, contexts and behaviours;
* Enable businesses to deliver a new wave of customer experience capabilities;
* Continuously enrich the profile; and
* Feature specialised design for maximum flexibility and massive scale.
SAP hybris Customer Experience software is envisioned to be the omnichannel delivery capability of the future, offering the visual contextualisation of the customer’s experience. The solution is planned to offer:
* A next-generation, responsive omnichannel content management system;
* Management and delivery of dynamic, targeted, consistent content, offers, products and service interactions;
* A focus on cross-touchpoint real-time optimization and context;
* A tool set for customers and partners to develop experiences for a variety of uses; and
* Integration with other SAP hybris products for simplified deployment and management of integrated experiences.
Intended to become the modular business microservices layer for the planned SAP hybris front office on SAP HANA(r) Cloud Platform, SAP hybris as a Service is envisioned to help customers to stay ahead of the curve by providing community, autonomy and simplicity. Planned features include:
* Innovation in the cloud and integration with SAP hybris applications;
* An ecosystem of solution providers accelerating innovation with low cost and low barriers to implementation;
* Microservices to administrate functionalities; and
* A cloud delivery model for frictionless and cost-efficient consumption of functionality.