UK-based backup solutions services provider Redstor has confirmed its acquisition of South African headquartered Attix5, a global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions.

The deal is effective from 14 September 2015.

Redstor has been an integral partner of Attix5 since 2005, utilising its underlying technology for its portfolio of backup services for various organisations in the UK.

Attix5 supplies backup and recovery technology and managed services to service providers who use this technology to deliver value-added services to end users globally.

As one of the pioneers of cloud backup software, it has been selected for their robust, highly secure technology and is well-placed to take advantage of the growing market for cloud backup, disaster recovery and storage services.

With a development office in Stellenbosch, South Africa and sales and support offices in Johannesburg and Reading UK, Attix5 have continually developed their IP based on the input of cloud backup providers such as Redstor.

With the release of Attix5 Pro Version 8, codenamed Peregrine, Attix5 have proven once again that they have world-class developers and class-leading IP.

Danie Marais, original founder at Attix5, comments: “We are very excited about the acquisition as this opens up great opportunities for both Attix5 and Redstor. Over the ten year partnership, both parties have come to understand each other’s business and have developed strong relationships. The owners at Redstor also appreciate Attix5’s African roots and want to incorporate this as part of their message and vision going forward. I believe Attix5’s software development expertise and Redstor’s data management experience and strong partner and customer relationships is the perfect fit and I expect great things for these organisations going forward.”

Paul Evans, CEO of Redstor, says: “Today, Redstor are known as one of the leading backup, disaster recovery and storage businesses in the UK. The opportunity to evolve through gaining our own IP and expand our geographical footprint was a natural step that will allow us to have greater control over our future development.”

Evans adds: “Redstor today has a customer base in excess of 10 000 organisations via our partner network. We receive ongoing feedback from our partners and end user customers which we will use to directly influence the direction our software development takes.”