For many entrepreneurs travel is essential in order to conduct their business, to sell their product or service, to see clients and meet with investors. Even with the advances in technology, travel is still a reality for many. A successful and productive business trip does not happen by accident. If you’re going to get to where you’re going with the least amount of hassle and cost there are some very specific things to do to make the most of the hours you spend travelling.
If you’re an entrepreneur that travels a lot here are some tips from Darlene Menzies, CEO of SMEasy, who has learnt a few secrets to being a smarter and more efficient traveller over the years.
* Minimise the stress involved in travelling by using apps and online services: For business owners who find themselves on the road or in the air more than they’re in the office, apps and online services are designed to make your travels as hassle-free as possible – particularly for the individual who is always in need of directions or who is constantly booking another flight to yet another city.
* Instead of hiring a car use services like Uber: When hiring a car the travelling entrepreneur loses precious time by having to walk across the airport from the plane to where they need to collect the car, making car rental payments, waiting for the car to be checked and, most notably, driving to their destination. Services like Uber are a far better alternative. They offer a pick up as you get off the plane, a cashless transaction and time to work in the back of the car while you are driven to your destination. There is also no danger of getting lost and you don’t have to look for parking.
* Checking in online: For many entrepreneurs time is limited when it comes to arriving early for your flight. By checking in online 24 hours before, your boarding pass is already on your phone which can make all the difference when it comes to making or missing your flight.
* Finding accommodation using online booking services: Services like, and can save you time and save you money when travelling. Make the time to look for accommodation using these services before your flight or while you’re in the Uber and you will find the best place to suit your needs at the best price.
* What you can do to embrace this technology: New can be scary but if you are not using technology to make your business travel as efficient as possible, it’s time to address your fears and embrace the change. By using apps and online services your small business can compete with big business because of all the options available to improve communication as well as time management in terms of travel. If you are unsure of which app to use consult other entrepreneurs to find out what they use and what works for them.