With consumer reports showing that South Africans are becoming more confident in online and mobile trading, online classifieds have become a prime destination for buying and selling electronic goods, particularly televisions.

A number of electronic items make their way to online classifieds each month with this number growing steadily as consumers adopt mobile and app trading, buying and selling on the go. The list of brands featured on these platforms is extensive, but which brands are the most popular?

OLX recently revealed their list of brands in most demand for 2015 so far, discovering the Samsung is by far the most popular brand when it comes to buying second-hand televisions.

Stephen Ballot, country manager for OLX South Africa, comments: “We were not surprised by the results as our electronics category continues to be dominated by Samsung, but some of the other results were interesting.’’

Coming in at second place was Panasonic, followed by HiSense and then LG, with Sony featuring further down the list.

The most popular size TV appears to be the 42-inch models, with a high demand also being seen for the older 72cm models.

In terms of regions, Gauteng showed the most interest in buying second-hand televisions with more than 54% of trading coming from this region.

OLX believes that, besides brand loyalty, there are various other driving factors behind these results. “During the build-up to the world cup we saw a spike in demand for second-hand televisions on OLX as eager fans looked to upgrade their sets, or take advantage of the anticipated demand. Evidence of this is in the fact that during the two weeks leading up to the Rugby World Cup demand for DSTV decoders was up by 23%, with flat screen TVs seeing a 75% increase in demand,” Ballot says.

“Our electronics category continues to grow extensively month-on-month. We believe this can be attributed to consumers becoming more confident with trading on online classifieds, a wider selection of goods on offer and the fact that mobile usage continues to grow.”