For the second year in a row, USAASA and USAF have achieved a clean audit opinion from the Auditor-General, testimony to the improvements in administration at the entities, says CEO Zami Nkosi.

“The institution of policies and procedures and the insistence on a culture of compliance have yielded the positive results we are seeing now,” says Nkosi, adding that the improvements are likely to continue as the Agency automates those controls through the implementation of a long-desired ERP solution. “Fortunately, we are implementing the very same controls, having gone through two years of designing, implementing and measuring against them manually.  That means the culture of compliance is already in place which makes it easier to transition to the automated form.”

Pumla Radebe, the chairperson of USAASA and USAF, adds: “The team has done extraordinarily well in a very short space of time.  I am humbled by the dedication and drive demonstrated by both at board level and also within operations.  Achievements such as these bode well, coupled with the turn-around strategy in the form of the National Strategy on Universal Service and Access.  They show that USAASA is on the path to success.”