AMD has announced multiple new discrete AMD Embedded Radeon graphics options suitable for multiple form factors.

The suite of products is specifically designed to advance the visual and parallel processing capabilities of embedded applications. The graphics cards represent continued AMD commitment to embedded market innovation, providing engineers with more choices to achieve their design goals, from leading performance to energy efficiency.

The new offerings cover a broad range of needs, from 192 GFLOPS to 3 TFLOPS of single precision performance, and from 20 to less than 95 watts of thermal design power. The products are offered as a Multi-Chip Module (MCM), Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) and PCIe options, with AMD offering the only MCM solutions. All of these products offer extended support and longevity. The new discrete graphics cards offer the right balance of performance, power and graphics memory size, to meet the needs of most customers.

“The demand for rich, vibrant graphics in embedded systems is greater than ever before, and that demand is growing,” says Scott Aylor, corporate vice-president and GM of AMD Embedded Solutions. “Our latest additions to the embedded product lineup help designers build mesmerizing user experiences with 4K multi-screen installations and 3-D and interactive displays. In addition, the powerful capabilities of our GPUs can address the toughest parallel compute challenges.”

The graphics cards span three levels of performance within the embedded market: Ultra-High Performance, High Performance and Power Efficient. These offerings are as follows:

* Ultra-High Performance: The AMD Embedded Radeon E8950MXM Module, the highest performing embedded graphics processing unit (GPU) from AMD.

* High Performance: The AMD Embedded Radeon E8870 Series (MXM and PCIe), offering high performance solutions for virtually any embedded application.

* Power Efficient: The AMD Embedded Radeon E6465 Series (MCM, MXM and PCIe) providing excellent processing performance at low levels of power consumption.

The new AMD Embedded Radeon E8950MXM Module is a powerful discrete GPU that is well-suited for GPGPU compute and built for 4K applications with support for 4K decode, 4K encode, and up to six 4K displays. This product is ideal for high-end casino and arcade gaming machines, medical imaging devices and military/aerospace applications. The MXM module is a smaller form factor solution than standard commercial GPUs, making it ideal for systems with small space requirements, such as airplane cockpit controls and ultrasound machines. Key features include:

* Type B Mobile PCI-Express Module (MXM);

* 32 Compute Units; 3 TFLOPS single precision (Peak);

* 8GB GDDR5 Memory; 256-bit wide;

* <95W Thermal Design Power;

* Support for 4K hardware-accelerated decode and encode;

* AMD Eyefinity technology for up to 6 display outputs;

* Support for DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, and OpenCL 2.0.

AMD Embedded Radeon E8870MXM Module and E8870PCIe Board options provide a balance of performance, power, capabilities and price to meet the needs of most customers. These options are well-suited for casino and arcade gaming machines, many medical imaging devices, and digital signage installations.