Small and medium business (SMBS) customers have been given the opportunity to develop the digital end of their business with Telkom’s offer to double their data allocation for free from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016.

Telkom has also reduced prices on some high end data packages and DSL and Fibre to the Business bundles. In these instances customers can receive up to 1Tb of data for R1 599 and new in-bundle data prices now give customers 100Gb of data for R145 per month.

“ICT is a critical enabler for developing small businesses, providing them the opportunity for greater innovation and efficiencies. Our focus on value and price reductions means our customers can explore further enablement of a more connected business in this digital era,” said Telkom’s managing executive for small and medium business, Thami Magazi.

Value-added services such as Static IP addresses, VoIP prioritisation, SmartSite and Multisite Internet have been geared to help SMBS customers improve efficiencies and gain a competitive edge.

Telkom’s new SmartSite product makes it easy for SMBS’ to take their businesses online for marketing and digital effectiveness. SmartSite offers customers professional and responsive web sites for their business which functions on any device.

“We understand that our SMBS customers can only benefit from being present online. SmartSite makes it easy for them to do this without having to be a web whizz. We have also put the control of Internet usage in the customer’s hands with our new Multisite Internet product which allows customers to pay for the amount gigabytes they use each month that is above the 20Gb threshold without the Fair Usage Policy being applied,” explains Magazi.

Static (fixed) IP addresses allow businesses to make the most of their Internet service through more reliable connections and effective, secure remote access to business applications from any location. The voice prioritisation feature enables customers to configure their Internet traffic so that voice over IP (VoIP) calls get preference over other applications, which means better voice quality and an improved Internet experience.

“The overhaul of our offers has been focused on developing and supporting digital innovation in the SMBS market. With more data, price reductions and new value propositions we hope our customers will gain even more momentum on their digital journey,” Magazi says.