Acer and WD have announced that WD’s My Cloud NAS is now part of Acer’s BYOC (build your own cloud) ecosystem.

Available immediately, Acer BYOC users can seamlessly access files on their My Cloud NAS from their PC or mobile device anywhere – using Acer’s abFiles app.

“We are excited to welcome WD to the BYOC ecosystem,” says Maverick Shih, president of the BYOC Business Group at Acer. “The availability of abFiles for the My Cloud platform allows our joint customers to enjoy seamless file management across their personal devices, with all of their files always at their fingertips, regardless of whether the file is on their PC or their NAS drive.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Acer to the benefit of our mutual customers,” ads Sven Rathjen, vice-president and GM of Network Content Solutions for WD. “Now our customers can find abFiles on the My Cloud app centre to download for free, and incorporate their My Cloud into Acer’s BYOC ecosystem.”

Acer abFiles makes it easy to access files stored on a user’s PC or NAS from any of their devices over a wireless or mobile network, making file management on the go easier than ever. After installing the abFiles app on their My Cloud NAS (supported models: My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud Expert Series and My Cloud Business Series), the user will only need to sign-in with their Acer ID through the web administration interface, and the My Cloud will be added to their personal BYOC setup, with files readily accessible from any of their connected devices. Users retain the privacy and control of their files as they are located on NAS devices physically in their home or office under their control rather than in a remote datacentre.

Anamika Budree, sales manager: content solutions at WD South Africa, adds: “This collaborative initiative is making the personal cloud easier and more accessible, enabling users to access their digital content on their Acer PC, notebook, Smartphone or WD My Cloud NAS device from a single app anywhere in the world, provided they have an Internet connection. This app, along with additional features included in the recent launch of WD’s My Cloud OS 3, is delivering unparalleled functionality. It is allowing us to leverage Acer’s impressive install base, introducing them to WD’s My Cloud offering.”