Vox Telecom has revamped its Fat Pipe DSL packages, giving customers getting more data, all of the time, at better prices.
“We’ve used the last few months, to trial how our Fat Pipe packages are being received by consumers, and one thing is clear – customers want better connectivity, more data and better value packages than ever before,” says Shane Chorley, executive head of Carrier and Connectivity at Vox Telecom.
Effective today (6 October 2015), all Fat Pipe customers (new and existing) can expect to get more data as part of their packages – 100Gb customers (for example) will level up to the next available data bundle, for the same price they are currently paying. This will apply across the board.
“We’re also introducing unlimited, free data for Fat Pipe customers, across all the packages, between midnight and 6am. This, in addition to our anytime, unshaped Fat Pipe packages, means that customers will get the best of both worlds,” adds Chorley.
It is not an uncommon practice for consumers to schedule their downloads to take advantage of free data periods offered by ISPs. “Our existing customers are not required to take any action in order to benefit from these re-structured packages.,” Chorley says. “And, for new customers, it’s as easy as selecting the package of your choice, and clicking buy now.”