Things are really fizzing in the global WiFi market, with projections that it will grow from $14,8-billion in 2015 to $33,6-billion by 2020 – and it will be at an estimated CAGR of 17,8% from 2015 to 2020.
This is according to Derick Roberts, CEO of wireless specialist, TruTeq Devices, who says: “The growth is phenomenal and South Africa is also realising its potential. The latest trends reflect that there are an estimated 2 000 WiFi hotspots in South Africa. Even the government, which has often been blamed for not focusing enough on ICT, has thrown its weight behind the growth in the country – and is even collaborating with private companies in private:public ventures.”
But millions of WiFi hotspots are needed in South Africa for the country to connect the majority of its population to the internet.  Initiatives are increasing, says Roberts. The City of Tshwane, for instance, has a stated goal of populating the city with WiFi coverage and has been successfully rolling out free WiFi access for citizens.
Cape Town commuters will also soon be able to connect to the Internet – for free – while commuting.
According to press reports, the city has issued a tender for a service provider to install and operate a WiFi internet access service on all MyCiTi buses.