Vox Telecom has launched a remote monitoring facility with world class surveillance equipment, and highly skilled and certified security personnel.
Dederick Venter, executive head of outsourced technology at Vox Telecom, comments: “In all of our discussions with our existing customers, and in consultation with security and guarding providers, we realised that one of the most unpredictable elements of a security strategy is the human element. Collusion and intimidation are two sides of the same coin, and puts the business that is being guarded at risk.”
The Vox Telecom Nerve Centre provides both the security company and the customer with an additional line of defence. Automation of access control after hours, number plate recognition and incident reporting are key inclusions in the solution.
“Over time, we have realised that most, if not all, businesses have unused bandwidth, especially after hours that could be used to provide live streaming and monitoring of premises, to a dedicated control room,” says Venter. “This, coupled with our world class management software, has meant developing a solution that offers our customers an impartial monitoring solution, and a second level peace of mind.”
An additional benefit of the Vox Telecom monitoring offer, is the ability to record events and the provision of extensive event reporting that can be used to successfully prosecute criminals. Quality video footage serves as admissible, reliable and valuable testimony, and delivers irrefutable identification of perpetrators.
Access to the Vox Telecom Nerve Centre is not just restricted to existing customers, but can be utilised by any business that has a reliable data link installed.
Says Venter: “The benefit of utilising both data and monitoring services from us, is that the integration between our surveillance, and voice monitoring facilities affords us full visibility and when data links go down, we have the ability to send an early alert to the customer, warning of a potential intrusion risk.”
Vox Telecom does not believe this service competes with security and guarding solutions, but rather supports and enhances their on-the-ground capabilities.
“Aside from a customer-facing solution, we are aware of multiple, smaller control rooms situated throughout the country. Very few of these have redundancy and/ or disaster recovery plans. This control room is available as a disaster recovery and redundant service facility for the broader security industry,” Venter says.