IT specialists interested in developing their expertise in the rapidly-growing field of Enterprise Architecture (EA) can now benefit from the Zachman Framework course, from EA training provider Real IRM.
This newly-designed course is ideal for those looking to get to grips with one of the most fundamental frameworks in the field. It is perfect for individuals who aspire to become architects, since it deals with some of the fundamental building blocks of EA.
Conceived by EA pioneer John Zachman in the 1980s, the Framework remains as relevant as ever – as more organisations use EA to manage accelerating rates of complexity and change, and derive competitive advantage in their industry.
The Framework is an essential schema for structuring architectural artefacts, in a way that enables the organisation to manage complexity and change, and establish a sustainable EA practice.
Similar to a physicist that must understand the periodic table before exploring any further scientific phenomenon, the EA practitioner must master this framework.
During the intensive two-day course, delegates will gain in-depth knowledge of the Zachman Framework – understanding its definitions, rules, types, and its primitive and composite models. From there, the course explains how the framework is complementary to EA standards such as TOGAF.
To support delegates in applying the Framework, the course includes case studies and practical examples. It shows how to map the Zachman Framework to the TOGAF(r) Content Framework and how to use the Zachman framework to define Architecture Development Method deliverables.
The course appeals to a broad range of individuals: including all domain architects including solution, security, and integration architects – as well as business analysts.