Kathy Gibson reports from VMworld in Barcelona – It will be business as usual for VMware in the wake of the announcement yesterday that Dell is to acquire EMC and take it private. EMC owns about 80% of VMware stock.
Carl Eschenbach, president and chief operating officer of VMware, assures customers and partners at VMworld 2015 that VMware will still be a publicly traded company and retain its partnerships throughout its ecosystem.
“VMware is very excited to be part of the Dell family of companies,” says Eschenbach.
Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers, comments that the merged Dell and EMC organisation will be able to deliver cutting-edge solutions for digitised business.
“VMware leads as a major source of innovation in the connected world,” says Dell.
“Dell and VMware have been partners for some time and we look forward to working with the VMware team and ecosystem to continue to drive innovation for customers.”

Eschenbach soothes fears that the Dell acquisition of EMC will affect VMware’s partnerships with other vendors.
“I can assure you that one of the key components to make this work is to make sure than VMware is successful,” he says.