Internet Solutions (IS) has once again delivered a record-breaking Internet connection to more than 2 100 LAN gamers at this year’s rAge – a massive 6.5 Gigabit per second (Gbps) connection which marked a 25% increase on the speeds provided last year.

“The record breaking speeds achieved this year are a result of the investments we have made in our network and also demonstrates the capabilities of the latest networking technology,” says Greg Montjoie , connectivity executive at IS. “These factors, combined with the exceptional technical skills we have in IS who manage our network have enabled gamers to experience these exceptional speeds.”

IS sponsored Internet connectivity to the NAG LAN area at rAge where traffic downloads reached 143TB and uploads exceeded 46TB over the three days of the expo. These figures are an increase of 43,5% and 89% respectively on last year.

A total of 189TB was up and downloaded during the event, and the most popular games were Dota2, League of Legends, Battlefield 4 and Counterstrike Go.

“IS will be continuing to invest in its network to ensure the fastest and most reliable connection speeds for all clients,” says Montjoie. “We are always looking to provide our clients with quality connectivity and we do this by employing the best technical talent on the continent and investing in the best technology for our network. We are looking forward to breaking the record we have set this year in 2016.”

In 2013, IS sponsored a 1Gbps connection to the expo, and last year set a record for a LAN connection in Africa with 5.2Gbps.