Samsung has launched its latest phablet, the new Galaxy Note5, with enhanced security features, applications and functionality; boasing a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display.
“The Samsung Galaxy Note5 has been designed with the needs of the business in mind,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility, Samsung South Africa. “It is easy to use, powerful and boasts some of the most advanced and versatile hardware and software on the market today.”
The Galaxy Note5 comes installed with Microsoft Office to give users access to the software they need to remain productive and in touch, no matter where they are and with Microsoft OneDrive, customers receive an additional 100GB of storage free for two years. Users can automatically upload photos they take with their Galaxy Note5 with enough space for 38,000 images which can be easily viewed and shared from the device. The high resolution display makes using spreadsheets and word documents simple and easy, providing everything business user’s need, even when not in the office.
The enhanced features of the Galaxy Note5 allow for a seamless connection between the smartphone and a computer or tablet through Wi-Fi connection, meaning notifications that arrive on the handset will show directly on the computer monitor. Once the devices are manually paired, the new auto connection feature provides a seamless pairing interface to re-connect the devices. Moving information from one Samsung device to another is simple with SideSync two-way file sharing: Galaxy Note5 users can drag and drop files from the smartphone to the PC and vice versa.
The all-new S Pen makes note-taking so much easier, an essential tool for any professional. The S Pen can be used to take notes, write emails and it can even log notes without having to turn on the phone. The Galaxy Note5 provides the facility to annotate PDFs which makes a big difference, especially for people who have to sign a number of documents.
Security is paramount to any business user and the Galaxy Note5 provides technology and solutions that respond to this. The built-in fingerprint scanner effortlessly unlocks the device when accessed by the right individual, adding on another layer of much-needed security.
The Galaxy Note5 also offers Samsung’s out-of-the-box security platforms, KNOX Active Protection and the My KNOX app. Both of these solutions protect sensitive data, whether personal or private, and are designed to make it easy for the user to ensure data is safe. There is no steep learning curve or need for employees to undergo extensive training. KNOX has features that allow for increased end-user productivity, while also offering an array of security functionalities. Many of the latter are quite technical, but for the user it means simple access to corporate systems, quick password changes, and protection of data on the move and the relief of knowing their data is secure and inaccessible if the device is lost or stolen.