The positive uptake in the use of Automated Deposit Terminals (ADTs) shows increased customer confidence in channelling their banking to electronic platforms.
FNB was the first bank in South Africa to introduce ADTs, devices with electronic depositing capabilities, more than three years ago. Since inception, the bank has more than doubled the number of ADTs deployed and is showing a volume growth of 25% year on year.
Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence, says: “ADTs allowed us to expedite our migration strategy from in-branch banking to the convenience of 24/7 hour banking via electronic channels.  We have seen a steady decline in over the counter deposits in branch, as our devices gain popularity. In addition to safe and hassle-free banking, our ADTs and ATMs offer customers a wide range of services which can now be performed at a device, as opposed to visiting a branch.”
This is part of FNB’s innovative approach to banking that sees significant investments in alternative channels that allow customers to perform a variety of transactions, anytime, at any device.
“ADTs not only recycle cash that has been deposited, but also makes it available for dispensing and withdrawals.  In addition, ADT devices can perform cardless deposits which allow any banked or non-banked customer to make a deposit at the ADT without a card being present. The ADT device also offers a host of functionalities, including Cheque deposits, deposits into eWallet, transfers and payments, opening Savings and Investment Accounts and the option to apply for a loan,” says Van Zyl.