Kathy Gibson reports from VMworld in Barcelona – The one cloud, any application, any device strategy that VMware is advocating cannot succeed unless applications can be delivered to users on any device.
Sanjay Poonen, executive vice-president: end user computing at VMware, stresses that key to success is consumer simplicity. “This is not always easy for enterprise companies,” he says.
At the same time, enterprise-level security needs to be integral to all applications.
VMware’s Workspace Suite goes some way to making this a reality, bringing any application to any device.
Poonen explains that the fact the end user computing portfolio is tightly integrated with the enterprise platform is key to its ability to deliver any application, regardless of whether its traditional or cloud-native app.
VMware’s Workspace Suite spans desktop, mobile and content management.
These elements are all tied together with identity management, which allows single sign-on to access all applications from any device.
Rory Clements, director: solution management at VMware, says VMware understands that organisations have applications developed under various systems.
AirWatch lets IT administrators make these applications available in one place, and deliver them to users regardless of what device they are accessing.
Importantly, these applications can be delivered on Windows, iOS or Android end user devices.
“You can take any application using Horizon and use it on any device,” says Clements – and demonstrated how an application could be accessed in a Llnux-based Tesla motor car.
“There is no-one else who has built this kind of ecosystem, all with single sign-on,” says Poonen.
He adds that enterprise-level security can be applied to the application delivery.
“It’s all about digital transformation,” Poonen says.