Asset and SafeSport Tracking has supplied a range of specialised guard tracking devices to Imvula Maxim Security, a company providing security services for Mondi in Richards Bay and the northern KwaZulu-Natal area.
The deal was struck in conjunction with business partner, TruTeq Devices, a company which focuses on providing wireless connectivity solutions to all market sectors, boasting clients of the likes of Eskom and Telkom.
According to Kobie Jooste, MD of Asset and Safesport Tracking, Imvula Maxim Security uses the tracking devices to report back to Mondi on “all the computer logging”, including where all the guards are, in real-time, 24 x7.
“The Imvula guards service all plantations for Mondi in the Richards Bay and northern KwaZulu-Natal areas. The trackers provide GPS points every 30 seconds, and this is sent to our file server in Johannesburg every two minutes, where we make use of the Vodacom network,” says Jooste.
The guard tracking devices also come with panic buttons which transmit straight to Imvula’s control room.
TruTeq Devices and Asset and Safesport Tracking have also partnered for a foray into the home market, where tracking devices are used to assist parents, friends and family to track their loved ones while they are partaking in outdoor activities.
“This seems to be an untapped market and we expect sales over the next 24 months to be buoyant,” says Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices.
“Our main markets will be the security and sports, or outdoor activities market. Safety and security are big issues these days. There is not only a worry about accidents or injuries while training or taking part in sport – but there is naturally the ever-present security threat. This solution provides peace of mind for both concerns,” he says.

This Portable Tracking Device is manufactured in South Africa and makes use of GPS and GSM technology to locate the device within 10 metres with an interface to Google Maps. No special software is needed on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Safe
Sport Tracking makes use of a standard Internet connection to Google Maps to display the actual location of the device – and can be viewed on any operating system or device (Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Apple, Linux or Windows).