Storeforce has appointed Argility as its exclusive partner in the South African market. Toronto-based Storeforce provides an integrated, Web-based solution to help retailers improve the productivity of their in-store sales force.
“In today’s omnichannel retail environment, brick-and-mortar stores continue to play an important role in providing the total brand experience–but they are expensive to run and so maximising performance is critical. That’s why this partnership with Storeforce is so important to us,” says Paul Swartz, divisional executive at Argility. “Storeforce can help retailers get the best out of their in-store staff in real time.”
Storeforce is a Web-based application that provides performance and workforce management along with business intelligence for the retail sector. It provides retailers with an intuitive tool that helps maximise the value of each rand spent on in-store staff by providing performance feedback, intelligent labour scheduling and workforce management. Storeforce identifies opportunities as they occur, empowering teams to take immediate action and achieve immediate results.
For example, managers can ensure that they have the right levels of staff in place for expected peak trading periods and also that their best performers are deployed at the most appropriate times. And then, during the trading period, managers can track performance, ensuring that the most important tasks are completed, success is rewarded and the necessary interventions are made.
“Storeforce is built on deep retail experience, making it simple and intuitive to use while delivering powerful results. Many of our clients are achieving increased top-line earnings in the 5 to 15 percent range within weeks,” says Storeforce CEO Dave Loat.
“South Africa’s retail sector is highly competitive, and we are looking forward to working with Argility to help our clients gain a competitive edge, not only by enhancing productivity but also by providing exceptional customer service that will ultimately strengthen all the channels.”