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Software AG has unveiled the webMethods Agile Process Platform, part of its Digital Business Platform, which enables citizen developers to more easily cooperate with strategic IT developers, eliminating the need for multiple and disparate application development platforms.
Two entirely different user groups can collaborate using the webMethods Agile Process Platform: citizen developers who utilize fast, flexible apps to program smaller business applications for everyday business needs; and IT experts whose know-how is indispensable for complex corporate IT systems.
In the face of growing digitization, organizations have to adapt their IT systems to rapidly changing business conditions or even restructure their entire business models and operations to remain successful. This means they require agile, user-friendly applications that are quick to program, flexible and sometimes short-lived – such as apps that solve temporary workflow issues.
If these rather tactical applications prove to have a long-term strategic benefit for the business, they need to be integrated into the existing IT landscape. The IT experts who work with business processes and IT integration within the company would then provide the necessary expertise.
Software AG’s webMethods Agile Process Platform allows customers to keep their options open by programming agile applications in a way that is adaptable and flexible allowing them to be transferred into the strategic IT portfolio and integrated into the existing IT environment without needing to be redeveloped.
In addition webMethods Agile Process Platform combines the ability to create process, workflow and case management applications. This provides optimal choice for customers in providing dynamic case driven process logic and fixed business processes wherever it makes most sense. The webMethods Agile Process Platform therefore gives business and IT the ability to work toward a common objective. By using this approach, situational and strategic application development can be done on the same platform allowing for maximum re-use.
“As one of the world’s largest independent infrastructure software company, we are committed to breaking down barriers between diverse technologies, between different departments, between a business and IT view of the world and along the entire value chain from suppliers to customers”, said Software AG CTO, Wolfram Jost. “In a digital business these barriers must come down if enterprises are to react fast enough to changing business conditions. The webMethods Agile Process Platform is another important technology, and indeed concept, in allowing innovation to be developed without barriers.”
The webMethods Agile Process Platform is a core component of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, which is a service-oriented, event-driven and API-capable development environment with many complex, ready-to-use application services that support the development of an integration, process, decision, event and programming logic. The Digital Business Platform is cloud-capable and compatible with mobile devices, and supports the development of micro-services.