Fibre is fast becoming accessible for more South Africans and OpenWeb has welcomed the price models. In its effort to help boost fibre, OpenWeb has now launched a range of data broadband products that work on Telkom ADSL, VDSL and Fibre.
Telkom aims to double its investment in Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH) to have a million homes connected within the next three years. By the end of 2015, it aims to have 70 000 fibre enabled homes, 150 000 by 2016 and 400 000 by 2017.
Keoma Wright, CEO of OpenWeb, says fibre is an incredible technology. “OpenWeb Capped Unshaped ADSL, VDSL and Fibre is completely unshaped and all usage between 00:00 and 06:00 does not count towards the cap.”
OpenWeb Capped Unshaped ADSL, VDSL and Fibre is now available from R78 for 15Gb to R889 for 300Gb. The accounts will run at the speed of the client’s line, whether the line is 1Mbps or 100Mbps.