The South African-developed open-source software Warewolf ESB has been awarded the prestigious Bossie Award 2015.
The enterprise service bus was built by South African company Dev2 for the Irish-held business, Warewolf.
Adjudicated and presented by InfoWorld, the annual Best of Open Source Software Awards (Bossies) reward excellence in design and user experience in six categories. Warewolf won in the Best Open Source Applications category.
“Being contracted to develop for Warewolf was a great opportunity for us,” says Barney Buchan, CEO of Dev2. “The international award is an acknowledgement of the work our team has put into making Warewolf such a versatile and innovative software tool.
“Warewolf ESB is already being used in more than thirty countries worldwide. It is fast becoming the tool of choice because of the accessible way it simplifies development and facilitates data and systems integration.”
Warewolf ESB was released in open beta in February last year. It is an open-source service bus and orchestration engine built for Windows using innovatively visual and flow-based programming, says Buchan. It eliminates slow lead times caused by the need to rewrite integrations for new customers, business systems or locations.
“Warewolf ESB’s prebuilt tools offer a faster and more cost-effective platform,” says Buchan. “It accelerates business application development by up to 400%.”
A major element of Warewolf ESB’s success is using crisp visuals instead of strings of code, he says. This allows Warewolf to bridge the gap between the IT and administrative teams within an organisation when developing business applications, from reporting or performance management software to payroll, debit order and debtor administration applications.
In developing Warewolf ESB, the Dev2 team worked closely with the Warewolf team for nearly four years.
“After Warewolf ESB was made open source in October last year, we received great responses from developers round the world helping us fine-tune the platform,” says Buchan. “Harnessing inputs from the user community through open-source development has always been a core Dev2 belief. It’s like the ultimate peer review – and now that process has proved itself at a global level for Warewolf.”