ECONZ Wireless, a leader in mobile data collection, providing employer solutions for time & attendance and employee tracking, has announced that Timecard GPS now includes Photo Capture and Digital Signature.
These features were announced for Econz Eservice earlier this month and are now available to Timecard GPS users as an update at no extra cost.
“Our mobile applications go above and beyond the typical mobile time, attendance, and GPS applications,” says Harry Lane, global vice-president: sales and marketing at ECONZ Wireless. “We continue to increase the functionality of our mobile applications yet still offer a practical and affordable solution to help our customers better manage their employees and improve efficiency.”
Photo Capture enables sales and field management to provide their field staff with the ability to capture numerous job photos (up to 99 per job) while working on various jobs throughout the day. Field Staff can also label/ add descriptions to these images as they are captured, allowing management to know what the images are and how they apply to the job at hand.
“We have already seen customers use this feature in many ways unique to their business. For example, images of their staff onsite at start time, pre-work images, issues occurred on job, samples on shelf, fool proof gauge readings. The possibilities appear to be endless limited only by the customer’s needs and their own innovation,” says Thomas Marshall, South African national sales director at ECONZ Wireless. “Both these features have been communicated to us by our existing users, we listened and delivered.”
Digital Signature Capture is used when you need your staff to confirm that they were onsite, work has been completed, materials received, or approval of services provided. This feature new to Timecard GPS will allow the mobile sales or field worker to capture this much-needed signature quickly and efficiently within a single application and even allow them to label the signature per job.
In addition to these new updates, Timecard GPS continues to offer customers many features, including:
* Real-time Job Details collection with automatic GPS and timestamps allowing you to monitor and measure job start time, travel time, time onsite, downtime and administrative time per job. You no longer need to wait for information to trickle back in from the field staff.
* The Full Team Clock-in feature allows multiple worker timesheets to be entered from a single foreman/ supervisor’s handset.
* Timecard GPS is a 100% native handset-based application (Android/ Apple iOS) with store and forward technology.
* Unlimited Admin – The web-based backend portal, with overview, schedule, reports and other screens, allows management access from any mobile device or computer that can navigate to the solution’s login page.
* Up to 28 unique reports of the data collected that can all be exported to Excel/CSV format thus providing a permanent record should there ever be any payroll or labour issues.
* Field workers  can add additional optional/required Custom Fields with options such as quantity (whole or %), open text fields, yes/no, dropdown options, monetary amount, time, etc.
* The Real-time Collection of GPS into a breadcrumb trail marks every 60 seconds with time, date and speed.
*¬† Job times, details and GPS information are stored for six months on customer’s web-based account portal.
* Integration options though certified partners into over 100 accounting and payroll systems – these systems include Quickbooks, Sage, SAP, VIP, Pastel, PayDay, etc.
* Free support for life of active customers.
Timecard Solutions are available from R8 per mobile device per day