When Altech Netstar, a sister company of Bytes Systems Integration (Bytes SI) and prominent internal customer within the Altron Group, required a new voice recording solution for compliance and training purposes in their contact centre, Bytes SI turned to Jasco Enterprise’s DataVoice offering to provide the ideal solution for Altech Netstar.
Previously, Altech Netstar had made use of another vendor’s voice recording solution that was compatible with the existing telephony system in place at the time. However, when the contact centre and head office upgraded their telephony solution, a new voice recording system was required in order to record voice conversations for 200 physical and softphones at their head office as well as the national customer contact centre, Bytes SI recommended Jasco’s DataVoice voice recording solution.
Says Cedric Boltman, channel executive at Jasco Enterprise: “Voice recording is a critical contact centre tool for any organisation that relies on recording verbal client interactions for compliance purposes. In addition to the regulatory component, voice recording can also be used for managing the quality of contact centre agents’ engagement with customers, which informs training requirements. Bytes SI required all of these capabilities for their customer.”
Gary Room, business unit manager at Bytes SI, adds: “With Altech Netstar having worked with Jasco and Bytes SI previously, they were a good choice for this particular application. In addition, they offered the most cost effective and fit-for-purpose solution for our business requirements. DataVoice is a trusted voice recording solution, and Jasco itself has developed a strong reputation for delivering on their promises. As the product is locally developed and maintained, the development team is more flexible than globally based offerings. Any support and integration issues, as well as requirements for customisation, can be accommodated quickly, with superior service levels.”
DataVoice is currently utilised by Altech Netstar to record agent interaction with clients. In addition, the quality management toolset is leveraged for agent assessments in order to ensure quality of service. This is a strategic part of business operations, to ensure contact centre agents are performing in line with business goals. From a compliance perspective, DataVoice recordings are fully admissible in court, and can also be used to ensure that defined business processes and policies are adhered to. These functions are essential for maintaining sound corporate governance.
Since the implementation of the DataVoice solution in 2012, Altech Netstar has been able to take advantage of a number of benefits. A user-friendly web interface makes searching for information and recovering contracts a simple task, and all voice recordings are stored centrally for easy of accessibility. From a business point of view, the DataVoice solution enables Netstar to achieve improved operational efficiency within the contact centre. Agent performance can be carefully monitored and managed in order to increase the quality of client interaction, which in turn can help to positively influence sales and support.
“DataVoice is a South African solution, which means that our product offering is not subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate as input costs are Rand-based. Ultimately this translates to better value for our customers, and enables us to keep our pricing competitive, and typically much lower than our international competition. All development is also locally executed, so our turnaround times for product enhancements and support is generally much faster than off-shore competitors. This allows us to cater for the changing needs of our customers and provide superior support, integration and customisation, all of which has resulted in our DataVoice offering becoming the voice recording solution of choice for our partner Bytes SI as well as their customer and sister company, Altech Netstar,” Boltman adds.