Shareholders of MTN Zakhele who wish to trade, and investors wishing to buy ordinary shares in MTN Zakhele, are invited to be verified as MTN Zakhele prepares to list its ordinary shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) on 5 November 2015. 
The OTC trading platform closed on 16 October 2015 and a new transaction platform is now open for verifications and registration, an essential process for all who wish to trade, even those who were registered on the previous platform.
MTN Zakhele, with a market capitalisation of R8,2-billion, will be the first broad-based black economic empowerment scheme to list on the JSE’s BEE Segment subsequent to the amendments made by the JSE.  Outlining reasons for the listing, MTN Zakhele Chairperson Sindi Mabaso-Koyana says: “There has been a change in the Financial Services Board policy in relation to the regulation of all providers of over-the-counter (OTC) share trading platforms for facilitating trading in own shares. The listing will provide shareholders with regulatory certainty for trading their MTN Zakhele shares.”
. Trading in MTN Zakhele shares is restricted to eligible black people or black groups until 24 November 2016.
From 5 November 2015, when MTN Zakhele shares are listed on the JSE, shareholders and potential investors who wish to buy or sell MTN Zakhele shares may do so using the new transaction platform, via a website or through the dedicated call centre at 083 123 6869, a toll free number for MTN subscribers.  Investors will also be able to use their own service providers, for example their own stockbrokers, to trade their MTN Zakhele shares, provided they have been verified to trade the shares in this manner.
Mabaso-Koyana explains that the trading experience on the new transaction platform would remain very similar to what it has been in the past on the MTN Zakhele OTC platform.  MTN Zakhele has identified service providers who will provide shareholders and new investors with trading, custody and settlement services on the new transaction platform.
“We know that our shareholders are mainly individuals who trade in small volumes, so it was important to continue to facilitate access to trading in the JSE environment through familiar platforms -a Website and Call Centre. For existing individual shareholders whose details have not changed, verification and registration on the new transaction platform is simple, all you need is your identity number and your cellphone. All existing shareholders who are black groups must complete a verification form and submit supporting documentation.
“When using the transaction platform to trade, shareholders can only sell shares which they already own, and investors can only buy shares if they have deposited sufficient cash to do so,” says Mabaso-Koyana. “If shareholders and investors choose to use this process, they do not need to appoint a stockbroker.”