South African enterprise software specialist firm NxGN has implemented its Open Cast Bookings solution, a straightforward production data bookings solution, at an open cast mining client, saving the operation over R500 000 in the first month after deployment.
This saving was achieved on the drilling activity through the proper reconciliation of actual meters drilled versus planned by eliminating double bookings, over- and under drilling and redrills by the drilling contractors.
This single month of achieved savings covered the costs for the NxGN Open Cast Bookings solution for a full year.
The clear value proposition inherent within the NxGN Open Cast Bookings solution is that it leverages the latest web, cloud computing and mobile technologies for operations within the mining industry to control key performance metrics.
“A reliable and accurate source of key performance metrics for each activity in the mining value chain (for drilling, blasting, loading and hauling) is critical to the effective management of the overall system throughput,” says NxGN CEO Gary Lane.
NxGN has identified a need in the labour and resource-intensive mining sector for technology that helps to capture and store key production metrics critical for performance management within the mining value chain.
Improvements in the system throughput by eliminating consequential downtime delays between coupled activities or reduction in costs at each activity through efficiency improvements, all contribute to significant value to the bottom line.
“We are excited to announce the release of version 1.0 of the NxGN Open Cast Bookings Solution. The NxGN team’s collective experience in enterprise solutions development and implementation identified the need for a new approach to mine technical systems that this solution addresses. The concept of Fast IT that leverages the latest technology thinking allowing for rapid deployment, simple and intuitive to use, minimal change management and training, plug and play integration architecture with minimal upfront capital and pay per use subscription,” Lane adds.
NxGN collectively has over 52 years of mine planning and optimisation experience. The company features the experience of computer scientists, statisticians and engineers, and focuses on assisting mines with better decision making by leveraging appropriate new generation technologies.
Executive leadership at the client has confirmed that it has benefited immensely from the configurable, easy-to-use, cloud-based booking solution.
“We have the expertise and technology development roadmap to empower our clients to accurately analyse data and use the information to make better business decisions through the use of technology,” Lane adds.