SoftExpert, distributed in Sub-Saharan Africa by Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings has announced the launch of their SoftExpert Excellence Suite 2.0.
SoftExpert is a market leader in software and services for enterprise-wide business process improvement and compliance management whilst Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings is a business consulting, distributor, reseller and implementer of leading operational management software systems for large and medium businesses.
Ian Huntly, CEO and MD of Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings, says the new version of the software has been enhanced to offer a path to business excellence through more productivity and agility while cutting costs at companies from small to global. SE Suite focus on providing the most comprehensive solution for companies seeking integrated performance excellence, process improvement and regulatory compliance.  “It is the most comprehensive application suite we know of in the market to empower organisations to increase business performance at all levels and to maximise industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance programs,” he says.
SE Suite 2.0 was designed with a cleaner and more modern interface. Essential user tasks are significantly more streamlined, making visualisation of and access to important data faster and easier, helping the user to further expedite completion of activities and tasks.
The SoftExpert team spent more than 500 000 hours over the last four years working on this new version. SE Suite 2.0 was built  on four main cornerstones: Quality, Performance, Usability and Mobility, in an effort to provide customers with a more flexible and streamlined operational support.
According to Josiani Silveira, SoftExpert’s development director: “The progress achieved with this new version is already visible at beta-testing clients, who were excited about the improvements implemented in the product.”
“We have over 2000 clients and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.  Many of them were asking us the same improvement: make the solution more intuitive, improving user experience. Our research enabled us to deliver a completely new experience for SE Suite 2.0, providing for greater gains in productivity and performance for our clients,” says Fernando Engelmann, technology director at SoftExpert.
There are 38 natively integrated components that make up SE Suite, forming the platform’s 12 main solutions: SE BPM (Business Process Management), SE CPM (Corporate Process Management), SE EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), SE ECM (Enterprise Content Management), SE EHSM (Environment Health and Safety Management), SE EQM (Enterprise Quality Management), SE ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), SE GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance), SE HDM (Human Development Management), SE ITSM (IT Services Management), SE PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and SE PPM (Project and Portfolio Management).
SE Suite 2.0 also has new components, such as SE Survey (Questionnaire Management), SE Test (Test Management) and SE Analytics (Business Intelligence). SE Analytics allows the user to quickly and visually analyse and share information, further integrating management of corporate indicators into the strategic execution of their business. The component is also integrated with other Suite components, simply and intuitively generating graphic data analyses, enabling practically any user to create visualizations that can be shared with teams through the new Communication Portals system on version 2.0.
The Communication Portals are another differential in SE Suite 2.0. The portals are more than a centre for consulting data and indicators. It allows important actions and queries to be unified for a particular department within the company. Graphic analyses, lists of records and process initiators can be consolidated on just one screen. This makes decision-making even faster and more effective, resulting in gains in productivity. The portals are also available in the mobile version and can be accessed through iOS or Android devices.
The system’s search engine has also been tweaked. By simply using keywords, the user is able to rapidly locate documents, records, processes and projects, very much like searches are done on internet search sites.
Some other new features of SE Suite 2.0:
• New workspace with easier, faster and more intuitive access to components and their functions.
• New personalized homepage to reduce action time.
• More efficient navigation with quick access menus, task centre, shortcuts, general search, filters and much more.
• Communication portals for quick and easy visualisation of and access to processes, indicators and other cards.
• Mobile access to all of the portals.
• Reorganised and interactive notifications.
• Project Status Report with lean, visual and intuitive reports.
• Microsoft Office Add-in
• BPMN 2.0 Support
• 9 Box Matrix
• Wizards