It is well known that South Africa’s skills shortage is not only a real issue, but that it limits the country in its abilities and has a direct impact on economic growth.
Professor Barry Dwolatzky, director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University says South Africa specifically needs senior software engineering skills.
“Senior software engineering specialists require both a strong theoretical foundation and an ability to apply this theory in practice. We lack these specialised skills and this needs to be addressed now,” says Dwolatzky.
As a result, Wits University’s School of Electrical & Information Engineering and the JCSE will offer a programme of advanced courses in software engineering. This programme is open to ICT professionals who are aiming to fill positions in ICT management, software architecture and design, or leadership roles in software project teams.
“We call it the JCSE’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) Programme. It will not only provide individuals with the advanced skills required locally, but can also be used to provide a stepping stone into Wits University’s Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Software Engineering,” explains Dwolatzky.
The full CPD Programme in Software Engineering consists of five core courses, which correspond to a set of equivalent Wits University postgraduate courses.
“The CPD Programme in Software Engineering introduces students to key aspects of the software development lifecycle. By the end of the programme students will understand and be able to apply key concepts and principles in software engineering and software project management. The course aims to present an up-to-date and modern perspective,” says Dwolatzky.