Local systems integrator BT-SA has partnered with Aruba Networks, a global leader in wireless communication solutions. BT-SA can now deliver enterprise WLAN solutions for remote offices, guest or hotspot access, or for high density venues regardless of the type of user device or location.
Aruba Networks gives businesses a single infrastructure solution that links their campus and remote environments with secure mobile access to corporate resources, whatever their wireless roaming requirements.
Features such as pay-as-you-grow pricing, mixing and matching of components across product lines, SaaS-based management offering (Aruba Central) or traditional network management software (AirWave) and Aruba’s ClearPass software, makes Aruba Networks a top choice for all business wireless needs.
This partnership enables BT-SA to provide wireless access solution in traditional carpeted enterprise environments, which includes hardware (access points, antennas, wall jacks and controllers) and integrated software. Key components of this capability include performance, availability, scalability, interoperability, cost and the overall portfolio architecture.
In addition, BT-SA can now also provide wireless access solutions in areas with a very high density of users and devices including stadiums, concert halls and conferences venues. These facilities often have higher user densities than traditional carpeted office space, with spiky and unpredictable traffic patterns from a heterogeneous mix of client devices.
BT-SA managing director Bertie Strydom says Aruba offers highly differentiated solutions to a rapidly growing market. “Aruba provides us an unparalleled opportunity to bring world-class WLAN solutions to a wide range of organisations in multiple industries. They are committed to fostering joint success by enabling us to profitably address the needs of our customers.”
The award-winning Aruba PartnerEdge Program is a global community of qualified solutions providers who design, resell and deliver various Aruba innovative WLAN and Cloud-based network access products and services. The program is designed to offer partners unique opportunities for top and bottom line revenue growth with industry-leading WLAN solutions that set them apart from the competition.
Strydom says Aruba Networks dramatically improves productivity and lowers expenses. “Aruba’s high-performance wireless network solutions provide reliable, secure access to corporate applications wherever users are located. Its technology delivers a superior user experience while enabling IT to reduce capital and operating expenses by rightsizing the network.”
“Your network no longer has to hold you back from realising the full benefits of mobility and cloud. Today, more than ever, you need to meet the exploding demand for connectivity in a way that is not only sustainable, secure and manageable, but one that can also deliver a better user experience.”
“Many of the largest and most innovative organisations in the world use Aruba solutions to improve productivity and reduce operating costs, including SAPS, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Hilton and KPMG,” he concludes.