Local IT asset sisposal specialist Xperien has launched MAXXeGUARD, a mobile, low-noise shredder that can be used in every office environment to destroy a wide range of digital media quickly and securely.
Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says data theft from digital media is growing dramatically and is presenting a significant threat to public and private sector organisations worldwide. “The MAXXeGUARD shredder is designed for the physical destruction of complete hard drives and other digital data carriers.”
The MAXXeGUARD disintegration unit will physically destroy hard disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs, USBs, Blu-rays, floppy drives, phones, PDAs, USB memory sticks and more. The operating principle is based on cutting slices by means of a specially designed cutting unit. The slice thickness can be adjusted in 1mm increments up to 70mm.
The machine can be equipped with a loading station for 15 discs as well as bar code reading system with photographic recording for proof of destruction. Furthermore, destruction log and recorded photos can be easily retrieved from the machine’s computer.
“A second pass of the shredded material, from the first pass, allows for destruction up to 1 x 1 mm. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with a secondary shredder which eliminates the need to declassify product prior to destruction,” he explains.
Benefits of the system include:
•Suitable in any office environment
•Extremely user friendly
•Programmable disintegration to 1mm
•Fast, easy and inexpensive blade changes
•1 year manufacturer’s warranty
•Full service and support available
•Low noise and zero emissions of hazardous particulates during data media processing
•Special build options available including Autoloader, Photographic evidence & barcode serial number recording
•Optional report printout with serial number
The MAXXeGUARD works in an office environment and is low noise and capable to run on 220V, fused at 16 Amp.