Perimeter security is a fundamental component of security systems – a first line of defence against external physical threats. Advanced video surveillance systems, like the DVTEL suite from Graphic Image Technologies (GIT), provide an advantage, incorporating thermal cameras with built-in analytics, cloud-ready infrastructure, open systems for streamlined third-party integration, 4K visuals, IP security and advanced command and control.
“With a focus on ongoing development to incorporate technology advances and protect against emerging security threats, DVTEL meets growing customer demand for four key features: scalability, flexibility and functionality, and the ability to grow seamlessly,” says Laurence Smith, director at GIT.
The DVTEL solutions include video management systems, cameras, encoders, video analytics, custom integration and applications. Its integration capabilities are a big plus. “Regardless of what users have today – wired or wireless networks; outdoors or indoor systems; small, medium or large-scale projects – DVTEL ties everything together without loss of investment,” says Smith.
GIT recently gained regional distribution rights for DVTEL and believes there is great potential to increase its local market share. Smith “In South Africa, DVTEL solutions are deployed at national key points, mining operations and estates where perimeter security is critical. Globally it has thousands of installations spanning five continents, including high profile installations such as the 2015 Boston Marathon.  With the continued focus on security in South Africa, there is significant opportunity to expand DVTEL’s footprint locally.
“DVTEL provides a more advanced level of security as well as a more cost-effective response. This suite’s differentiators include its full featured management and control interfaces, the thermal cameras and analytics, and the incomparable visuals and smart features that the 4K camera solutions deliver. DVTEL also addresses a growing concern: cyber security.”

Enhanced NVMS and control
A global unified network topology, United VMS 7.0, features hierarchical multi-system connectivity that connects DVTEL’s Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) with Horizon Network Video Recorder (NVR) for up to 100 cameras, and Meridian NVR (8-16 cameras) as sub-VMS networks. United VMS 7.0 also introduces a video application feature that can turn an Android phone into an IP video surveillance camera.
A Command and Control (CC) Web and mobile client delivers remote access to Latitude, Horizon and Meridian United video management solutions, enabling system control from any location.

Pairing Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics
Thermal cameras and video analytics are powerful technologies, especially when used together. Traditional cameras rely on sunlight – or, in some installations, spotlights or street lights – in order to “see” and create video images. Thermal cameras see heat signatures, so they can detect people and movement at any time of day or night, with or without light. Combined with video analytic capabilities, they deliver added protection such as real-time alerts and fewer false positives. Video analytics also lower costs, enabling surveillance of larger areas with fewer operators.

Enhanced 4K visuals
DVTEL’s 4K certified solutions include Quasar 4K Ultra HD cameras delivers four times more detail at full 30 fps than today’s best full HD 1080p cameras and legacy 10MP cameras. They offer 4K detail digital zoom, motorised auto-focus P-Iris lenses and advanced adaptive streaming technology to enable smart and efficient tile display.
“DVTEL’s 4K technology redefines the limits of image clarity and challenges the long-held evidentiary standard. They deliver the highest level of detail – without an investment in additional storage. The Quasar 4K cameras use the industry’s most advanced 4K Ultra HD broadcast quality media processor, which delivers pristine imagery at a performance-leading 250M pixels per second, while requiring 30 percent less storage than many competitive full HD 1080p solutions.
The 4K models also feature the most advanced low-light 4K image sensor available in the video surveillance industry, making the cameras the perfect solution for applications with wide variations in motion and lighting. The indoor/outdoor mini-dome and bullet cameras include IR illumination, a built-in heater, and are packaged in a vandal-resistant IP66 enclosure.

Introducing cyber security
The transition from analog to IP has exposed the security industry to the risks IT departments have faced for years. As more customers deploy comprehensive IP security solutions that incorporate multiple edge devices and platforms, it becomes more critical to ensure end-to-end IT security throughout the physical security network. DVTEL addresses the risk through its IP-mmune VMS Cyber-Defense suite, a multi-layered protection approach designed to ensure DVTEL video surveillance solutions seal IT corporate grids from cyber penetrability through IP video networks.
The IP-mmune suite prevents a wide range of cyber threats, including spoofing, man-in-the-middle schemes, session hijacking, data theft and tampering, denial-of-service attacks, sniffers, port exploitation and password guessing.

Cloud-based system monitoring
DVTEL’s cloud-based system monitoring system allows users to check the configuration and health status of their surveillance systems. The end user can log in from any location to view this data, monitor and maximise operations remotely and in real time. The benefits include proactive maintenance, improved uptime, cost saving through remote maintenance, and ease of software updates.
Bringing it all together – the 2015 Boston Marathon.
DVTEL’s role during the 2015 Boston Marathon offers a good example of how enhanced surveillance can provide an advantage. The DVTEL solution employed was instrumental in driving enhanced cooperation, strong security measures and robust communication between multiple agencies during the marathon. Officials leveraged DVTEL’s enterprise-class Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) and associated cameras to safeguard more than 30,000 runners and nearly one million spectators along the 26.2-mile course. Latitude NVMS was chosen to seamlessly merge existing, standalone DVTEL video surveillance systems, typically used by various entities throughout the Metro Boston area for routine monitoring, scene recording, and investigations, into a single unified system to achieve new levels of intelligence.
Law enforcement and race officials monitored activity from multi agency command centers to maximise efforts while ensuring collaboration between law enforcement, event organisers, and other aligned stakeholders.
As security solutions continue to become more IP driven, technology advances are changing the way security is handled. A 4K camera can, for example, replace three or more standard low resolution cameras; the ability to integrate multiple surveillance systems using a single management platform covers gaps and provides greater insight into overall security; while the ease of use and improved security that thermal cameras with built-in analytics capabilities afford can deliver a significant advantage. Exploring the options can benefit your organisation.