When almost 700 000 South African matric learners finish their final exams this year, they will all face the daunting prospect of either finding a job or pursuing tertiary studies.
In a bid to assist matriculants who are interested in the technology sphere decide upon an appropriate career path, SAP Africa and SAP Education Partner Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting Service are offering introductory technology courses titled “SAP in Seven Hours”. The aim of the course is to provide ground level insight into SAP certification, as well as information about career opportunities in today’s competitive digital economy which will become relevant upon completion of the certification process.
“Deciding on what to study after matric is a stressful decision for many. SAP Africa is committed to helping support South Africa’s skill development and job creation agenda through various education-based initiatives related to the SAP Skills for Africa* vision,” says Pfungwa Serima, executive chairman of SAP Africa. “Government and the private sector must make every effort to proactively grow the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills base in this country’s as the industry is one of the few that is still generating jobs.
“The ‘SAP in Seven Hours’ course has been designed to stimulate a grassroots interest in ICT. Bridging courses of this kind have the potential to lay the foundation for successful careers and ultimately a meaningful contribution to the country’s economy.”
The course is being offered both the in classroom and online with classes limited to 25 students. Plans are being developed with Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting affiliates to expand the course to more locations across the continent in over 17 countries.
“Most matriculants in South Africa find it difficult to become employable or enter the job market due to the gap between skills supply and demands,” says Dr Herman Prinsloo. “This is largely attributed to the fact that many schools very often do not adequately prepare students for the labour market. Training, even at tertiary level, is often theoretical and students face an immense challenge in translating theoretical knowledge into practical action. This course has been structured in such a way that it provides learners with a starter overview of SAP software and functionalities in a practical, user-friendly manner.”
The “SAP in Seven Hours” course comprises:
* How SAP thinks.
* How to find any transaction or standard report in SAP in under five minutes.
* How to customise SAP reporting information into the required format.
* How to schedule SAP reports and automatically get the information emailed to you on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
* How to effectively manage your staff within an SAP system.
* How to generate and access key reports and transactions.
The course will take place on 14 November, 12 December, 10 Janury and 21 February at SAP’s Woodmead offices, at a cost of R2 500.00 per participants. Students and matriculants qualify for a discount.