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Commvault has announced new innovations in the Commvault Data Platform to extend hardware array support for replication to joint enterprise customers through integration with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) enterprise storage arrays.
Through the innovation of Commvault’s new software, Commvault and HDS can help customers address the evolving challenges of managing data and information in highly changing, fast-paced global business environments.
As a result of Commvault’s strategic partnership with HDS, the newly launched Commvault Data Platform features IntelliSnap integration with the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G Series enterprise storage arrays to include Hitachi Universal Replication (HUR). This integration into HDS arrays provides local and integrated remote replicated application aware snapshots across an HDS managed replication architecture, adding in the complex lifecycle of snapshot management across the replication pair into one seamless framework. This approach makes it quicker, easier and more affordable to harness the power of HDS array-based snapshots and active replication, accelerating backup and recovery of applications, systems, virtual machines and data.
“With the continued, rapid growth of data, some customers struggle with meeting service level agreements,” says Tim Butchart, vice-president: Data Protection Sales at Hitachi Data Systems. “The integration of Hitachi replication technology with Commvault’s Data Platform enables us to provide our customers with fast access and recovery not just for data loss events, but also to drive development, test, and analytical queries in their storage arrays. We’re excited for this extended partnership and the snapshot and replication management benefits our customers will continue to reap.”
The Commvault Data Platform enables customers to achieve a number of data protection and information management goals within today’s compressed budgets, timeframes and resources. Now more than ever, extrapolating more value across information technology assets has become paramount to success and agility in the transforming IT landscape. Snapshot and replication technology has long been identified as the fastest and most efficient way to recover data and applications, particularly when dealing with large and growing data volumes.
“The Commvault Data Platform provides customers with a completely orchestrated solution to manage active Hitachi Unified Replication on HDS Enterprise Storage arrays,” said Don Foster, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing and Technical Alliances, Commvault. “As a result, they have access to a complete end-to-end solution for data management, leveraging the advanced abilities of the storage environment and the HDPS/Commvault integration to provide near instant recoverability across the replication framework for any applications stored on the array.”