As the sole distributor of Samsung telecommunication and PABX equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa, MIA Telecoms has launched a range of Samsung security solutions to the local market. Samsung Techwin’s video surveillance products are based upon cutting edge technologies that are unique in the security industry.
The video surveillance industry is heading toward the fourth-generation of Intelligent IT-based home services from the era of network remote monitoring. Samsung Techwin is now taking the lead in the smart home monitoring market based on wireless network connected to Internet of Things (IoT).
Samsung Techwin has dominated in the security industry over two decades and has clients across various verticals including city surveillance, commercial, banking, retail, residential and leisure.
MIA Telecoms MD Bryan Driessel says customers are increasingly interested in smart home services. “We will continue to take the lead in the home security market by expanding our offering on a constant basis.”
The company has now introduced the WiseNet Lite series, an affordable product line with simple and essential features ideal for securing small sized applications. Using WiseNet Lite cameras and NVR with PoE together, creates a network solution that saves installation time and cost.
Ideal for the retail market, MIA Telecoms already offers seven models in the WiseNet Lite camera series and two models in the PoE NVR series, the 8 and 16 channel. Developed with the concept of ‘the power of simplicity’, WiseNet Lite provides key advanced functions such as hallway view, lens distortion correction, WDR, motion detection, tamper-proof and IK10/IP66 features.
Driessel says when you try these products, you will experience the difference that these technologies provide. “This professional surveillance camera will enable you to create a secure environment meeting your needs for cameras in entrances, lobbies, parking lots, elevators, hallways, aisles and much more. PoE NVR is plug-and-play so that retail owners can easily use the video surveillance system without becoming network experts.”
To meet customers’ demands for continuous monitoring and storage of video data, Samsung Techwin has enhanced the existing edge storage function and plans to expand its cloud service through partners. Moreover, it will expand its customer-based distribution channel from retailers to telecommunication operators to broaden the customer contact points.
With cameras becoming more portable, mobile, and even wearable, Samsung Techwin also has an interest in this particular market segment and is planning to launch products highlighting both stability and convenience for users.
“We have also introduced the 2MP Super Entry Series. We currently have 2 models in this range, an eyeball Dome camera and a Bullet camera which have Infrared (IR) capabilities,” he concludes.
MIA Telecom offers a cost effective product line-up which features the same image quality and product performance as the feature rich high-end product but at an entry level competitive price starting from as little as R920.00 excluding VAT for a 2MP IP Cameras.