With mobile shopping continuing to grow at a rapid pace in South Africa, online classifieds OLX has revealed a list of the devices most commonly used to shop online.
With mobile penetration in South Africa currently over 100% and growing, it is unsurprising that more than 65% of OLX’s traffic is generated from mobile phones.
OLX claims Samsung is the brand most used by shoppers to browse the web site, claiming over 40% of overall traffic. “The Samsung S4 and S4 mini are the most popular, following by the various S3 models and the Galaxy Note 3,” says Stephen Ballot, OLX country manager. “Surprisingly, Blackberry is more than double that of the iPhone, with 30% of overall traffic compared to less than 15%.”
And while Nokia effectively defined the mobile industry for over a decade, OLX data shows that less than 8% of traffic currently comes from these handsets. Android continues to dominate on online classifieds, with these devices representing 57% of all traffic on OLX.
“The remainder is made up of Sony at 4%, LG at 2%, HTC at 1% and all other brands at less than 1% of the listings,” Ballot says.
Ballot says OLX’s findings confirmed what many other surveys have shown – the popularity of Android devices when it comes to shopping online. “Increased mobile adoption across all classes in South Africa as well as better and more accessible WiFi has contributed to this.
“Our mobile growth figures for 2015 thus far compared to the same period last year has already more than doubled, and we anticipate this to continue as mobile shopping takes hold.”