As local companies join the multitudes looking to virtualisation and the cloud for cost savings and improved agility, concerns about security are rising. According to Trend Micro, the best way to maintain security and optimise performance is with a single security platform that delivers consistent protection across all threats.
“Trend Micro Cloud Services cover all bases, protecting physical, virtual and cloud environments with automated, comprehensive security. What this means is that we can partner with businesses that want to start their physical journey, continue their virtualisation journey and accelerate their cloud journey, simultaneously ensuring end-to-end security,” says Darryn O’Brien, country manager at Trend Micro Southern Africa.
As the recognised leader in virtualisation, cloud and server security and the first to partner with VMware for agentless security, Trend Micro has the trustworthy expertise to help organisations maximise protection and performance.
“With our threat defence experts focused on customers’ digital security, they can count on having a safer place for their digital information, whether it be on a mobile device, on their network, in the data centre, in the cloud, at work, or at home,” adds O’Brien. “Cloud is about moving forward, and people shouldn’t have to come up against security walls on their way to innovation. This is what we want to prevent.”
Trend Micro Cloud Services will keep data out of the wrong hands by safeguarding information and giving businesses and individuals the confidence to work and play in the digital world. From business security solutions to software for online security at home, Trend Micro has helped people and companies protect their valuable information from hackers and the evolving threat landscape for over 25 years.
“We provide smart, simple, security that fits the need of our client, whether that be a large organisation, an SMB or a home, we know who needs what and how best to implement it,” says O’Brien.
Security solutions for enterprise or medium-sized business include layered security with centralised visibility and control to protect information on mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and in public cloud environments. Trend Micro provides smart protection of information with security solutions that are simple to deploy and manage, so that businesses can have security that fits their evolving ecosystems.
“We want to give businesses the space to evolve with the cloud, without having to worry about security. Small businesses are fast adapting to change but have limited resources for online security which makes them more vulnerable to cyber threats than larger enterprises with dedicated security teams. Trend Micro can help them create a safer business with security that protects their employees anywhere, anytime and on any device, giving business owners the freedom to focus on their business, worry-free,” says O’Brien.
In addition to the cloud security solutions Trend Micro provides for business, it offers solutions for the home, where customers’ personal and digital lives intersect. According to the company it is more important than ever to have strong online security that is comprehensive and easy to use. Ranked by NSS Labs as having the highest threat-blocking rate and the fastest time to protection, Trend Micro safeguards Mac, PC and mobile devices against current and emerging threats.
“We are not just a provider of cookie-cutter solutions and services, but rather a company that understands and researches the current threat landscape so that we can proactively secure our customers on their journey to the cloud. We believe that innovation happens when companies and individuals have the space to grow and change without security hiccups, which is why we partner with them to give them that space. The journey to the cloud should be exciting, not scary, which is what we aim to enable,” he ends.