Spree.co.za has announced the launch of its mobile shopping app for both iOS and Android.
With 67% of all Internet traffic in South Africa today coming from mobile (versus 29% from desktop and 4% from tablet), mobile is an increasingly important channel for e-tailers to consider.
“Spree’s mobile traffic has grown by over 100% YoY and mobile orders have seen growth of 300%.  While we may not see the same percentage split in traffic sources currently, the channel has our attention and the development of an app has been a major priority this year,” comments Vincent Hoogduijn, Spree’s new CEO.
Revealed in Spree’s mobile survey earlier this year, 50% of respondents would prefer shopping via an app than on a mobi site. While leading emerging market eTailers, Flipkart and Myntra, shut down their mobi sites earlier this year, Spree is not likely to follow suit. “We’re not going to make a bold move like Myntra away from mobi and desktop sites,” adds Hoogduijn, a move that saw the Indian eTailer backtrack on in September when they relaunched their mobi lite site after going app-only in May, “But the indicators towards the demand for app-shopping are impossible to ignore.”
Prompted by ensuring the best customer experience on mobile, Spree’s new app provides the ultimate mobile experience by offering better UI features than the existing mobi site, and taking advantage of display and device capabilities to deliver an outstanding user experience.
“Apps are leading the charge of the ‘mobile-first’ or even ‘mobile-only trend’,” says Sven Schoof, head of customer experience at Spree. “Additionally, native apps provide the best customer experience possible, leveraging the native functionality of the respective OS and thereby providing a superior customer experience to that of a mobile site.”
The in-house developed native apps will allow users to effortlessly transition between the website, mobile site and app platforms including syncing users shopping carts, while also offering incentives to shop such as app-only deals and promotions.
With reference to spreading new ideas and the impact on the fashion world, Schoof points out that apps serve as a powerful engagement mechanic in retail. “Push notifications and feeds integrated into the today view within notifications, when used correctly, can keep users coming back to the app regularly.”
“With today’s market going mobile, apps help businesses and customers keep pace and stay on trend. One thing is clear, mobile retail has arrived and is here to stay,” Schoof says.
The free app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.