Turrito Networks, a MicroMega group company, has recently launched Business in a Box, a series of enterprise grade fibre and wireless connectivity options, which all include Windows desktop bundles, designed for local SMEs.
By combining uncapped broadband fibre, four line speed options, and up to 100 inclusive CloudGate Windows computers, all on a 24-month subscription contract, Turrito Networks is aiming to simplify the connectivity and hardware purchasing decision for SMEs.
Essentially bundling all the connectivity and computing hardware a small to medium business would ever need to run.
“Guiding SMEs on the optimal number of users, and combining a hardware solution alongside connectivity is one way in which we are trying to simplify the IT decision.  We believe an SME business owner’s biggest priority should be running their businesses, and not worrying about connectivity and hardware,” says Louis Jardim, commercial director for Turrito Networks.
The SME Business in a Box is available in major metropolitan areas that already have fibre infrastructure in place.  Turrito Networks, however encourages all interested SMEs to make contact with its sales team to determine feasibility for Business in a Box for their business and/ or location.
“We’re all about solutions, and are aware that not every business will qualify for fibre-to-the-business (FTTB). It’s why a feasibility and site survey is our de facto starting point.  Where fibre is not feasible, we are able to provide dedicated wireless alternatives that deliver maximum impact for the customer,” adds Jardim.
The Turrito Networks Business in a Box has been tailor-made to keep small and medium businesses online, with stock of readily-available computers for all staff, and offering a one-stop solutions approach.
There are four packages in the Business in a Box range:
* 25Mbps broadband fibre including 20 Windows desktops: from R7900
* 50Mbps broadband fibre including 40 Windows desktops: from R11 900
* 100Mbps broadband fibre including 60 Windows desktops: from R19 900
* 200Mbps broadband fibre including 100 Windows desktops: from R32 900
“Competing on price, in a market where the cost of bandwidth is continually declining, would have little impact,” Jardim adds. “Competing on service, and consistently ensuring world class delivery, a tailor-made approach for SMEs, coupled with innovative value-adds are the critical motivators for our business.”
This Business in a Box solution is only available through the Turrito Networks’ sales team, subject to feasibility, which is conducted prior to commencement of delivery and installation.