It is imperative that companies use software to correctly identify and leverage waves of innovation before they pass by.
According to CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire, the “application economy” demands that businesses are agile, use application programming interfaces (APIs) and implement DevOps and invest significantly in security. People who can catch the wave of innovation and channel the power of disruption to deliver the fastest solutions in our new digital world will prosper. Those who rest easy will no longer be in business.
“Fifteen years elapsed between the introduction of the personal computer in 1978 and the first Internet browser in 1993,” he says. “From the Internet browser to Facebook took only about 9 years. And this rate of ‘innovation compression’ is getting faster. The first true smartphones came out in the mid-2000s. It took only five years for the sharing economy to appear. You have to catch the wave when it hits – or risk being left behind.
“The window of opportunity to surf the wave is getting shorter. History books are filled with tales of big companies that were once stalwarts… but misjudged the rate of innovation compression.  Today innovation is incredibly democratic – and fast. And it radiates at an exponential pace.”
Gregoire asked delegates to CA World ’15: “How do you take the power, the connectivity, the innovation available and turn it into better products and services?” His answer? Software.
“Not software simply as a technology product. Instead, software as a basic organizing principle for your business. Software with the ability to become a lever to innovate and grow. Software allows scale, reduces friction, adds speed. Software creates completely new business models,” he says.
As a key piece of digital transformation, CA Technologies is betting big on agile development, Gregoire says. “We see Agile as being central to success. Not just for developers but for all businesses that need to succeed in today’s Application Economy. It is central to digital transformation.”
At the conference, CA unveiled new products and enhancements across its portfolio spanning DevOps, Agile Management, Security and Mainframe.