Home Affairs offices upgrading their Live Capture facilities will be able to better process Smart ID card and passport applications – but they will have limited services for a week while the upgrade takes place.
Mjuseli Apleni, director-general of the Department of Homes Affairs, says the 140 affected offices will be not be able to offer ID and passport services from 27 November until 2 December.
“During the upgrade, the affected offices will not be able to receive applications using the Live Capture system,” he says. “Full services, as enhanced, should resume on 3 December 2015.”
He says the enhancements will include:
* A booking system on the e-channel, for people to apply for documents online, in the comfort of their homes or offices; and
* A re-enrolment process in terms of which there will be no need to recapture fingerprints within a specified period of re-application.