A new courier aggregator, Rush, is being touted as a new digital disruptor that will transform South Africa’s courier business.
The service enables a customer using their mobile phone to choose a courier solution that meets their requirements by comparing couriers, their prices and delivery services in realtime.t.
Rush for Mobile is powered by WeChat.
Glenn Whittaker, founder and CEO of Rush South Arica, comments: “Rush is going to fundamentally alter the way the courier business works. We are confident that our service offering will transform the users’ courier experience while saving them time and money.
“Rush is offering customers up to R150 off their first delivery. All they have to do is download WeChat and follow Rush.”
The Rush value proposition is built on aggregating numerous couriers who can then be chosen based on reputation, price or delivery time.
“At present, Rush is affiliated to five courier companies – Courier Guy, Courier IT, Skynet, RTT and Globeflight – with more to be added in the near future. Rush carefully vets its couriers and has very strict service level agreements in place with them,” says Whittaker.
The service also provides the option to take insurance on parcels, underwritten by Hollard Insurance.
Whittaker adds that Rush also offers a large-scale service designed for businesses that courier more than 200 parcels per month, known as Rush for Business. This service can be operated from any PC and will enable the customer to benefit from further discounted rates and favourable payment terms.