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CA Technologies has announced new products in the CA DevOps portfolio that drive business agility and competitive advantage through simplified and faster development and test, and through deeper network visibility.
New CA API Management products accelerate API creation and mobile app development, while CA Service Virtualization – now available via Microsoft(r) AzureTM Marketplace – streamlines application simulation and test. The comprehensive portfolio also includes two new, organically developed monitoring solutions: CA Virtual Network Assurance, that gives operations teams industry-first assurance for dynamic virtual networks and legacy infrastructure, and CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems, the only unified infrastructure management solution to provide comprehensive visibility of services that span mobile-to-mainframe systems in a single view.
Addressing the unique requirements for enterprise organizations across the entire software development life cycle, these solutions enable development, test, operations and business teams to successfully scale and evolve their enterprise DevOps practice, while easing the difficult organizational and philosophical shift to DevOps.
“It’s clear that today’s businesses with high performing DevOps organizations will be the digital leaders of tomorrow,” says Mike Madden, general manager, DevOps, CA Technologies. “CA remains committed to helping customers accelerate their digital transformation journey with this expanded and enhanced portfolio of solutions that drives the continuous delivery of high quality software innovations and services.”
Enterprise organisations continue to adopt DevOps to accelerate delivery of applications and IT services in the application economy. New research commissioned by CA revealed DevOps implementers saw a 24 percent reduction in time-to-market for new apps and 29 percent reduction in cost of delivering new apps.
CA announced new additions to its API Management portfolio that help API owners and mobile app developers deliver faster time-to-value and accelerate the app development process. CA Live API Creator helps to unlock the value of data instantly, quickly creating well-designed APIs with seamless access to databases.
CA Mobile App Services provides software development kits and open APIs for quick development of core mobile app and IoT backend functionality such as user management or reliable messaging. This allows developers to focus on building compelling mobile app interfaces, instead of writing complex backend code. In addition, new business analytics provide reporting on API performance, allowing the business to assess the economic success of the API, whether it’s based on revenue (API monetization) or API use. These new additions to the CA API Management portfoliomake a developer’s job easier and improve API lifecycle management processes, from API creation and deployment, to monitoring, analytics and retirement.
For development and test teams, CA Service Virtualization is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, fully installed on an Azure certified and hosted virtual machines, for purchase by the hour. With immediate, on-demand access to CA Service Virtualization, development and test teams can avoid delays by simulating the constrained or unavailable systems and services they need to maintain agility and continuously advance their projects.
CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems accelerates problem resolution with a unified view across mainframe and distributed systems. As the only vendor to provide this comprehensive visibility, CA helps customers improve end-user experiences and reduce down time of revenue generating systems that support the growing number of mainframe-to-mobile apps.
Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technologies play a critical role in the next generation of telecommunications, data centre and enterprise networking, but significantly increase complexity in network visibility and planning and introduces vulnerabilities in application traffic performance.
CA Virtual Network Assurance, the latest addition to CA’s Agile Operations solutions, is the only SDN/NFV Assurance solution designed to help operations teams gain visibility and sustain reliability on self-service driven, dynamic networks. CA Virtual Network Assurance provides extended visibility via a single view of dynamic changes across the virtual and physical network stack to improve performance, productivity and agility while accelerating new service deployments.