Google Trends for the past year (October 2014 to October 2015) reveals that the term “Career Junction” outperformed any other search term under the topic “career”.
“What this means is that we have a strong brand awareness in our employment market. With the growing volume of internet users being driven by the mobile web revolution it’s incredibly satisfying to know that job seekers continue to find value in our web site,” says Paul Byrne, MD of CareerJunction.
“Job portals are seen as a valuable tool for people looking for a change in employment, finding a job or making their next career move. At CareerJunction we currently process over 1-million job applications and 10-million e-mail job alerts every single month – that’s huge. Ultimately we’re making it easier for South African job seekers to market themselves and take control of their career journey – no matter what device they might be using to connect to the Internet.
“Since the launch of our new responsive web site at the end of October, more than 50% of our site visits have converted into applications,” Byrne adds. “This is significant even by world standards and has directly driven a 20% rise in total job applications made via our site. Users applying for jobs from a tablet device are up an impressive 35%.”
Paul adds “and all of this is happening during a traditionally quieter month for the recruitment industry.
“These significant increases confirm that we’re responding well to our users’ shift to mobile web access and that our continued efforts in making sure our web site is mobile-optimised (so it works on a desktop, tablet or mobile device) are paying off.”
According to Google trends, over the past year, the top five searched using “career” under all categories were:
* Career junction
* Career jobs
* What is career
* Careers
* Career job