mi-Fone, the first African mobile device brand established in 2008 recently announced the launch and availability of a new range of affordable smartphones across the African continent. This new range of android phones retail from as little as $35 and are already available across several African markets including Kenya, Angola, Rwanda and Nigeria.
African based mi-Fone used their relationships with consumers and telco-networks across the continent to design their new innovative range of ultra cool Smart and Feature phones. “The range includes features phones and Smartphones and are designed to put quality devices in the hands of African consumers,” says Alpesh Patel, Founder and CEO, mi-Fone.
The Mi branded Smartphone range starts with the mi-Fone 3 which retails from $35, offers dual SIM capability, 3,5-inch screen as well as being Whatsapp and Facebook enabled. “It is an excellent entry level smartphone for the cost conscious African consumer,” says Patel.
The mi-Fone 4 offers compact power with quad core capability and rear and front end camera. The mi-Fone 4X offers quad core processors, an innovative 180 degree rotating 13MP camera, a 4,7-inch screen and dual SIM capabilities making it one of the most versatile ‘selfie’ shooting phones on the market.
At the upper end of the range, the mi-fone 5 and 5X both offer 5-inch screens, dual SIM and front and rear camera but the 5X also includes an Octa Core processor with 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM.
For feature phone users, the basic feature phones start from $10 and provide camera, MP3 and FM, and additional features such as an inbuilt Powerbank function.