Black Friday, the busiest shopping day imported from the US, drew in more than 2,8-million unique visitors on, the Nigerian online shopping mall that is believed to be the biggest in Africa.
Mobile traffic accounted for 67% of total traffic amounting to a total of 235 000 orders, making Black Friday 2015 the largest shopping event in Africa.
“This day epitomises the strength of domestic consumption in all our markets in Africa,” says Nicolas Martin, CEO of Jumia Nigeria. “It illustrates the African consumer’s strong demand for large assortment of genuine products, low prices and convenience. Jumia focuses on delivering this to its consumer, day in, day out.
“Today, our team has showcased its market expertise. Jumia has leveraged mobile to provide the best possible shopping experience for buyers, and to create a bigger marketplace for its vendors.”
Key highlights from Jumia on Black Friday 2015 include:
* More than 5,3-million visits on the Jumia web site and app, record-breaking 2-million in Nigeria;
* Overall, 67% of all visits were made on a mobile device (mobile browser plus app), 76% for Nigeria;
* More than 2,8-million unique visitors, of which on average one out of four was a new visitor who has never been to the Jumia web site/app before;
* Increase in sales of 900% compared to 2014, 25-times the magnitude of an average day with 235 000 orders;
* The Jumia marketing team has reached more than 4-million customers through newsletters and 3,3-million through push notifications;
* About 80 000 people installed the Jumia app during Black Friday; and
* In Nigeria only, 400 000 people searched for “jumia”, 85 000 people searched for “black friday” and 100 000 people searched for “jumia black Friday”.