South African tech enthusiasts and gamers are now able to access a world of gaming and consumer electronics at the click of a button, following the launch of Toys R Us’ latest website: RZone.
This e-commerce store offers customers a wide selection of consoles, video games, electronic toys, tablets and accessories from popular brands, across all major platforms.
RZone, which was designed by Durban-based digital agency Broken Pony Club, launched last week.
Toys R Us has launched this independent gaming website in response to the growing popularity of gaming and technology in the South African market.
“We constantly work to offer our customers new and convenient services that cater to various markets,” says  Nicole Annells, marketing manager at Toys R Us South Africa.
“This web site allows gamers and gadget lovers of all ages ease of access to browse and purchase their favourite games and devices usinga dedicated portal,” adds Annells.
The web site also allows shoppers to receive gaming-specific information of the latest promotions and new products.