Vox Telecom has launched what it believes to be a first-to-market uncapped voice product aimed at reducing the telephony costs of small to medium businesses.
“We want to make telephony costs predictable, and cost effective for small to medium businesses, and an uncapped voice solution, with a fixed monthly fee, is undoubtedly the way to go,” says Henda Edwardes, executive head of communications services at Vox Telecom.
Uncapped voice for business enables unlimited calls to mobile, national and local fixed line and select international destinations.
Adds Edwardes: “For too long, the discussion has just been about rates, and we want to rather focus on making this about value and quality. Our uncapped voice will only be provided over uncontended last mile, to ensure superior voice quality for our customers.”
Three contract options have been created for the Uncapped Voice offering, starting at R1 495.00 per month for five outbound channels, R4 990.00 per month for 10 outbound channels and R8 985.00 per month for 15 outbound channels.  Vox Telecom will match outbound channels, with the equivalent inbound channels.
Customers will be required to port to Vox Telecom, and thereby retain their existing fixed line number(s). Porting can take between two and four weeks, depending on the incumbent provider.
To incentivise new customers to migrate their voice requirements to Vox Telecom, the company will be complementing the uncapped voice for business solution with a PBX for free for six months (on a minimum 24-month contract.)
“There is no longer the requirement to get bill shock at the end of each month, depending on the number of calls made or received,” Edwardes says. “Uncapped Voice will change how small to medium businesses not only consume, but also budget for fixed line telephony.”