Lexmark South Africa has launched its Solution Centre in Fourways, which is a fully functioning centre built to give sales teams and channel partners a platform to showcase Lexmark’s solutions in action.

“Clients and channel partners can now come into the refreshed solution centre and view any of Lexmark’s printing and software solutions first hand,” explains Nathan Nayagar, MD for Lexmark – South Africa & English-speaking Africa.

“We have built a centre that showcases Lexmark’s solutions by way of visual aids in ‘living form’, articulating our value in a more comprehensive manner.”

If the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, a demulation (demo and simulation) is worth exponentially more. Lexmark believes the solution Centre is designed to “show” as opposed to “tell”. The design and layout also lends itself to brainstorming and workshopping ideas and solutions with internal and external sales teams and partners.

“The Lexmark Solution Centre is an aid for sales teams, whether it is the Enterprise team, Channel team, Africa team or channel partners to use and showcase the wide range of solutions from hardware, supplies, services and software,” says Nayagar.

Lexmark works very closely with channel partners and the Solution Centre can be an extension to their current set of sales tools. With the assistance of the professional services team Lexmark will work together with partners to provide an experience that will assist in giving their clients the required solutions and present them in a way to remove barriers that in the past may have been difficult to overcome.

Lexmark have had a demo room for many years and it has served them well. The decision to take it to the next level and showcase the solutions end-to-end was taken this year which lead to the subsequent demolishing of the old and construction of the new.

“The Solution Centre ties in well with our vision of having an end-to-end solution centre platform encompassing not only hardware, but supplies, services and software solutions on both the IS (imaging SW) and ES (Enterprise SW) Front,” concludes Nayagar.