Alcatel OneTouch has announced the immediate availability of the 2004C feature phone in South Africa from Vodacom’s online store and Vodashops countrywide. This easy-to-use device is suitable for anyone who wants a simple, low-cost phone for messaging and voice calls.
Its large 2,4-inch display and big keyboard makes it particularly well suited to the needs of senior citizens who don’t want to learn a smartphone interface or don’t need access to the mobile internet. The easy-to-use device offers a streamlined interface, as well as basic features such as a two megapixel camera, a music player, and wireless FM radio.
Being targeted at senior citizens, it features an SOS button at the back of the device. By pressing the SOS button, the phone will attempt to connect with five emergency numbers that have been preset into the device in succession until someone picks up.
Says Ernst Wittmann, southern Africa country manager at Alcatel OneTouch: “We’re delighted to launch this new feature phone as part of our commitment to offering attractive, feature-rich and affordable products to different segments of the market.  Alcatel OneTouch provides the ultimate tools that cater to the needs of our diverse audience, from students that want a cool device for social sharing to the older generation who just want a reliable way to make calls. Our ‘fast fashion’ approach means that we are able to respond quickly to the changing needs and tastes of the mobile market.”